Balcony Waterproofing Singapore

Balcony Waterproofing Singapore

Balcony waterproofing in Singapore provides a protection layer on the balcony concrete to cover cracks as well as strengthen inner concrete to stop further damage. Balconies are some of the most vulnerable parts of any building as they are always exposed to different elements as well as the changes in temperature. Whether your balcony is covered in ceramic tiles, concrete, wooden planks, or stone, the extreme conditions will in the long run result in cracks thereby allowing water through, causing serious damage. Waterproofing Care trace the water leakages and notify clients whether the cause is from concealed water pipe, damaged floor water proofing, or rain water passing through external walls.

How to Handle Suspected Balcony Leakage

Many people experience leakages through balconies in their offices or homes leading to formation of stubborn stains and ugly mould. Even the tiniest cracks can lead to leaks, some of this cracks you don’t even know exist until you experience a leakage. The stains and mould are indications of accumulation of water in the area over time and should be investigated.
The next step is to find the source of the leakage. You should check the areas surrounding the stain or mold. For example, if the mould is directly below the bathroom or toilet, then you may need water leakage repairs. If the area above the leakage is exposed to water, then you will need waterproofing services.

Why Waterproofing Care ?

Waterproofing Care is made of a team of waterproofing technicians most of whom have been with the organization since it was founded. Our team is not only experienced but knowledgeable to undertake all types of projects whether minor or major. We aims to help you identify the sources of leakages and provide you with quality, cost effective, and environmentally friendly solutions like PU grouting. Identifying the exact point from which a leakage originates is not an exact science as most people would think. The process involves a lot of elimination as the leakage may be as a result of several factors which may not always be from a specific problem in the exterior.




Find Out Our Balcony Waterproofing Services

We are committed to providing high quality workmanship, providing efficient response, and cost effective solutions to customers. Feel free to get in touch with us by contacting the sales team at +65 68174250 who will handle all your enquiry and provide quotations where necessary.

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