Basement Waterproofing Singapore

Basement Waterproofing Singapore

In Singapore, basement waterproofing is a must when you start to see molds at your basement. The combined effect of humidity and rain create moisture problems in property basements. Basements can also be subjected to leaks from the property itself. For example, due to poor plumbing or aging waterproofing systems that are prone to deterioration.

Regardless of the initial source, once you detect a problem, there is a need for immediate waterproofing. You should quickly consult a waterproofing company to reduce damage to your property.

Waterproofing Your Basement: An Urgent Necessity

We notice many property owners tend to ignore initial leakage symptoms. For instance, moisture and small leaks or drips. On the other hand, this is strongly discouraged by most experienced professionals.

Leaving a basement untreated can lead to serious decay. Eventually, this can cause a series of problems that will quickly become unmanageable. These problems include mold infestations, pealing walls and structural damages to the property. And this need a larger intervention at a later date.

Fortunately, if you detect a problem and call for immediate help, then you can choose from a series of simple waterproofing solutions. These may include repaving your basement with hydraulic cement; coating the walls with a waterproof solution or tackling the source of the moisture directly.

Why ?

Our experienced professionals will help you to prevent further damage to your basement. With our basement waterproofing services, you can have a peace of mind and save money in the long term. We aim to salvage your property, and opt for the least invasive solution available.

If you’re a business owner, and occupy or own an industrial building- then we can certainly help you. Likewise, if you’re the tenant or owner of a private estate or condo- then we can provide affordable services designed for your convenience.

Enquire About Our Waterproofing Services

When you detect leakage or moisture in your basement, contact us immediately for an inspection. We are more than happy to hear from you.

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