Bathroom Waterproofing Singapore

Bathroom Waterproofing Singapore

Shower or bathroom waterproofing is a necessity. Singapore properties, and in particular bathrooms, are prone to water damage for a number of reasons. For one, moisture from heavy rain and high humidity can infiltrate homes throughout the rainy seasons.

Secondly, poor contracting and maintenance in properties can reduce the efficacy of water-proofing measures. These are in addition to the normal moisture, left behind from shower-ing, that coats the walls and floors of the shower. Water from showering is perhaps the most common cause of moisture that, in time, can wear away bathroom waterproofing systems.

How To Spot Water Damage

Unfortunately, water damage isn’t always obvious. In fact, obvious signs of damage, such as leaks and drips, often don’t appear until much later. The first signs of water damage can sometimes be more difficult to spot, particularly in HDBs, where the neighbors below are more likely to suffer the effects than the tenants themselves.

One of the first signs of water damage is usually mildew or mold. This will appear in areas that don’t have direct contact with water, for example at the base of tiled walls, and it often indicates a serious problem. Stains from water pipes, in the shower area, are also a clear indication- and they usually appear on the shower wall or floor.

Peeling and water stained walls are also preliminary signs of water damage. Property owners, both residential and commercial, should consistently check for these signs in their bath-rooms (as well as more obvious symptoms, such as leakages.)

The Importance of Taking Immediate Action

Once homeowners spot water damage to their property, they should act immediately by contacting waterproofing company. Failure to resolve these issues as quickly as possible could actually lead to more severe problems, including structural damage to the foundations of a condo or private estate- although this is an extreme outcome.

A much more common, and immediate effect of not resolving undue moisture in bathrooms is decay. Bathrooms with water damage will quickly become home to mold, mildew and other spores that grow in damp and humid environments. This can be difficult to treat, and many Singaporean homeowners forced to completely renovate their bathrooms after neglecting to resolve water damage, because the mold has progressed too extensively.

Why ?

Our team of waterproofing experts work to replace, repair and revitalize the membrane or alternative waterproofing system present in bathrooms and showers.
We understand property structure here, and are always updating our methods, in the interest of remaining current with the latest waterproofing technology. We serve a wide variety of customers, which includes HDB, condo, private estates & commercial buildings.

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