Epoxy Flooring Singapore

Imagine having an epoxy flooring, you can …

  • Have a sparkling shiny floor and you don’t have to use a scrub to achieve the shine.
  • Place heavy machinery without the fear of damaging the floor.
  • Wipe any spilled coffee easily even if the stains are left on the floor for days.
  • Stop the irritating noise coming from the vacuum cleaner as you no longer require it to clean the floor. 

Later, you’d get to find out more about epoxy and the benefits of using epoxy flooring for your private home and business in Singapore. Also, the types of epoxy coating available.

From there, you know if we are a good fit for you.

epoxy flooring Singapore

What is Epoxy Coating?

Epoxy is a substance made from different materials that start off as polymers and prepolymers and end up as a ‘resin’.

The resin not only contains these polymers that harden up into an exceptionally durable plastic material;

It also contains other reactive chemical compounds that we refer to as hardeners.

These hardeners are the elements responsible for (you guessed it) firming up the solution.

Although it is a liquid it isn’t heated, it is the air exposure that hardens the coats, making this a safe chemical to work with. 

Benefits of Using Epoxy Coating

There are two main types of Epoxy flooring.

The first is a coating and will be less than 2mm thick.

The second is an actual, solid epoxy floor which needs to be more than 2mm. Otherwise it is just classed as a coating.

The full package will last for years. This will save you future money spent on carpeting or other flooring solutions.



Your average epoxy flooring is tough, stain resistant and difficult to scratch. Best of all, you clean it by wiping with a cloth. 



Epoxy resin leaves a thick, smooth layer over the ground that will shine as if it is natural.



It protects your floors from wear and tear.  It’s perfect for factory or warehouse flooring where heavy equipment is often used.


Various colour, style and design. It comes in any colour you like and you can even choose your own patterns should you want to.

easy maintenance

Because of its impenetrable layering and wipe clean surface, this flooring makes the perfect feature in any clean or wet room.


Clean setup

Epoxy flooring will cover any area you need it to, without the need for shaping, underlayers or carpet tracks.

Types of Epoxy Flooring

We can place epoxy flooring anywhere you want it, from the bathroom and toilet right through to your office space. We also provide commercial epoxy flooring that, once laid, you can be sure will last for years.  

There is more than one type of Epoxy flooring. For example, a non-slip epoxy will be better in the kitchen than a regular one would be.

From the factory to the basement, the office to the backyard; there is an epoxy flooring to suit your needs.

  • Gravel mixed epoxy flooring which has wonderful anti-slip properties
  • Self-dispersing epoxy flooring which will smooth itself out is applied in a very thick layer and is best for high traffic areas
  • Epoxy flaked floors which have chips of a material of your choice through them.
  • Self-dispersing epoxy floor but with added sand to stop you slipping.
  • Mortar Epoxy flooring is the toughest of them all, perfect for your Singapore based industrial space
  • Epoxy antistatic flooring which can be laid for those worried about the static coming from a normal polymer-based floor
  • Self Levelling epoxy flooring is where thick layers are applied with no smoothing, good for the dining room or toilet.
  • Epoxy terrazzo flooring is used for large areas and usually includes the more fanciful designs.

Other Considerations of Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy flooring is one the best ways for industries to cover large surface areas at a time.

The setup is fast. Moreover, the material is affordable. This is perfect for offices where you need to move the trolley and forklift around.

It is used in commercial kitchens, warehouses, factory, supermarkets and other retail outlets. Comparing to carpet flooring, epoxy flooring is more cost effective.

residential epoxy flooring


Residential epoxy flooring is a great way to keep your housework to a least. You will never need another carpet cleaner again with this coating. Just wipe the floor clean with a mop. Epoxy flooring is a little hard, so you may want to soften it up with a few rugs, especially if there are children around. Most suitable for walkway, lift landing and multi-purpose hall. 

industrial epoxy flooring


Industrial epoxy flooring is a fast and easy way to prepare your floors for years of heavy use. It keeps costs down over time since it rarely needs maintained. For kitchen or warehouse floors, you can select non-slip material to reduce any accidents. Moreover, you can have your company logo emblazoned under people’s feet even as they walk around your property.

Not only is it easier to keep than carpet, epoxy flooring won’t squeak or settle like wood might. It doesn’t scratch or chip easily and it comes in any color you want it. Its longevity and durability make it the obvious choice for business or homes. It perks up any private homes with its outstanding colors. You can even put epoxy flooring outside if you like, and use it to brighten up a dreary backyard!

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They have proved to be a responsible and reliable contractor for the works that have been awarded to them.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What's the warranty period for new epoxy flooring?
1 Year Warranty (Industrial Usage)
3 Years Warranty (Office/Clean Room/Corridor)
How long can a typical epoxy flooring last?
When the epoxy flooring is maintained regularly, it can last beyond the warranty period.
How to maintain epoxy flooring regularly?
Normal sweeping and washing is fine.
What's the disadvantages of a epoxy flooring?
It may be slightly slippery especially when you wear spike shoes.
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