Floor Waterproofing Singapore

Floor Waterproofing Singapore

If floor waterproofing is not done on leaky floors, it can be a nightmare for Singapore homeowners. It’s not uncommon that you have already experienced floor leakage in your home or office. Most people won’t realize they have a floor leakage problem until they see those stains forming on the surfaces or those ugly molds. Since the water can pass through the tiniest cracks, you won’t notice them on it’s earlier stages. Despite a membrane is always applied, it doesn’t only get wear off after a few years as the quality of the work might not have been the best in the first place.

Floor Leakage on High Rise Buildings

The most common flooring that have water leaks are usually toilets, bathrooms and washing machine bay. Over time, the waterproofing membrane in the cement ground breaks down mostly due to the showering and cleaning. The water starts to slip through the tiles and might damage your neighbor’s ceiling and wall. At this point, your neighbor start to notice the paint changing color or peeling off at ceiling pipes, or he can even see the ceiling paint dropping off.

Many people living in an old HDB flat in Singapore may have already dealt with a ceiling leak issue. They usually start by noticing some wet water mark stains on the floor, that can easily spread out to the walls as well. When you notice this, you need to act or the water leak may have a direct impact on the structural integrity of your flat. If you’re in this situation right now, you need to be aware that when there’s a water leak that affects two adjacent flats. The repairing cost is usually divided by the two, provided both parties are agreeable.

Why Waterproofing Care ?

When you notice your floor has a leak, or even better, when you want to prevent potential water leakage, you can count on our professional waterproofing services to help you. Our trained and experienced workers at Waterproofing Care will go to your house or office for an inspection and advice accordingly.

Enquire About Our Waterproofing Services

It is essential that you seek professional help on floor waterproofing soon before leakage problem becomes worse. We handle various flooring like tiles and epoxy flooring. Contact us +65 68174250 today for an inspection. Our friendly specialists will help you.

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