PU Injection Grouting Singapore

Imagine using PU injection grouting method, you DON’T have to …

  • Hack away your beautiful flooring or walls
  • Cover your items from hacking dust
  • Do major clean up after leakage job completed
  • Spend more money to select new tiles or wallpaper
  • Feel frustrated by hacking noise

Later, you’d get to find out more about PU grouting. The benefits of using PU injection grouting for your private home and business. Also, the major causes of cracks.

From there, you know if we are a good fit for you.

not using pu injection grouting

Do You Need PU Injection Grouting?

PU injection grouting is the new must-have building material. PU injection grouting involves injecting cracks or voids in concrete with polyurethane. This material expands to be fully waterproof.

This saves your time, money and effort compared to hacking out tiles or walls. Moreover, saving you to redecorate, which is every homeowner’s worst nightmare.

What is PU Injection or PU Grouting?

This technique allows contractors to fix leakage issues easily. And, there’s no need to rip up flooring or walls. Or, cause damage the property.

If you have a gap between your walls, this material can be injected straight into the crevice. It will expand until space is filled, ensuring water is not leak further.

PU stands for polyurethane.
More traditional uses include covering varnished surfaces with it as a sealant.

When mixed with the polymers, it creates a substance which expands upon contact with water, to fill in the damaged area. This chemical reaction with water fills the cracks.

Before PU Injection
After PU Injection

What causes ‘cracks’ that might need filled?

Cracks can appear anywhere in a building, and it’s not uncommon. In new build houses, we advise you do not put wallpaper on the walls for the first year.


Because the building is still settling into its foundations. Long but thin cracks are likely to appear in the walls and tear your pretty new paper.

Once these cracks are fully developed you will be able to fill them with PU injections.

Bad Drainage

Dampness causes building materials to become unstable and to wear away. Bad drainage can cause water seepage that slowly wears holes in your home.

Unfortunately, every house is susceptible to damage from water, humidity, and condensation.

Leaks, cracks, and damaged building work are repairable with a little polyurethane. For areas that are difficult to examine the source of leakage, CCTV camera is sometimes deployed to do a further internal inspection.

Heavy Load

Many industrial spaces endure heavy use from even heavier machinery. For example, forklift trucks, lorries and even daily use on the floor. These cause cracks. Cracks are more severe in areas that deal with deliveries and high volumes of human traffic.

Unfortunately, the design of many warehouses (especially tin roof) leads to leaking of water onto the flooring. The water will cause holes and gaps over time, which can be repaired with PU injections.

Wear and Tear

Although there are many causes of cracks in buildings, water remains the most common.

As surely as rivers can carve through rock the rain, rising damp or leaks can wear down your building. These cracks and gaps are opportunities to use some PU grouting.

If old buildings are not maintained regularly, cracks appear due to wear and tear too.

When to Use PU Injection Grouting
The PU injection requires water to start the expansion process. So any cracks that are filled in will have a blend of water and the polymer foam type PU grout.

The mixture will expand until there is no more space to fill. This seals off any pathways the water might cut through the brickwork. Hence, repairing the cracks and waterproofed.


If you are experiencing a leak in your house, you should use PU injection grouting to repair the damage. Water coming in from outside of the home may be an issue. But, injecting PU into the roof may solve the leak and stop any further damage.


PU injecting can be used to repair factory or warehouse flooring. The damage is usually caused by the repetitive use of heavy machinery such as forklifts.

Moreover, you can use PU grouting in many areas. Such as spaces around piping, outdoor guttering, holes in the yard. You can use it to repair any damage in your properties caused by rain or leaking.

Use pu grouting for cracks
If you have cracked paving work in the garden that makes you trip up, PU injection grouting can be used to level it all out again and ensure your safety.

Likewise, you might use it if a leak in the bathroom has caused brick damage underneath your tiling. In this case, you can inject grouting to fill the space up. This stops any further damage without the need to hack up the tiles.

You can also use PU Injection Grouting to repair swimming pools. There’s no need to resurface. With this method, you can fix lopsided building work, patch up any holes in old buildings and for dozens of other purposes.

PU Grouting vs Hacking

When it comes to repairing your beloved home the choice is yours. There’s no hacking involved when you choose the PU injection Grouting option.

Comparing to hacking, it is less labor intensive and more environmental friendly. And it saves you money. PU grouting is a swift and expedient home & industrial repairs.

PU grouting vs Hacking

Frequently Asked Questions

How long can PU grouting last?
This method can last quite long. We have no complaints for such projects done 10 years ago.
What's the warranty period after PU grouting job?
1 year warranty.

Do note that water may go to other places.

When you will not use PU grouting method ?
When the condition is very bad and we need to redo the whole waterproofing.
Can the white liquid appearing at the wall be wiped away?
Yes. : )
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