Residential Waterproofing Singapore

Residential Waterproofing Singapore

Is Residential Waterproofing really necessary in Singapore ?

You may notice that the paint on the walls is becoming warped, stained or dry and easy to peel it off and this shows that there is a leak into the walls. The ceiling may become discolored and show signs of budging downwards which eventually becomes weak.

Above problems are common in most residential homes. It may be because during construction the contractor didn’t use durable materials while they were doing the plumbing work. Poor quality pipes are very easy to corrode and they wear out faster. The variation of the extreme temperatures may cause expansion of the pipes hence the bolts become loose and cause leakage.

Water seepage requires urgent attention because it can cause much damage to your home if not attended to immediately. When water drips on the walls, it causes molds or mildew to grow in the interior which results in bad odor. The interior may also be infested by insects which will nibble through the structure and ultimately wear it off. The structure also accumulates too much humidity due to the water, which is clogged in the walls. As a result, this is a health hazard as it can cause respiratory diseases such as asthma. In the long run, the water bill will rise as more water is going to waste rather than being used.

Why Waterproofing Is Important For Residential Buildings

Waterproofing is a type of protection used against the adverse impact of moisture or water, and help to reduce water damage. You can do proofing in some parts or even the whole structure. In short,proper waterproofing offers the following benefits:

• Protects property and valuable items against any damage caused by water. Moreover, it ensures that the house retains its original form. Waterproofing prolongs the lifespan of the building.
• Increases the selling value of the home.
• Lower maintenance cost due to saving from frequent home repairs. Also, save on the replacement cost of items destroyed by water.
• Reduced chances of getting respiratory diseases.

Why ?

Our waterproofing services are vast and varied, and we are always striving to provide customers with the highest quality experience. As a company, we are in line with the most cutting edge forms of residential waterproofing technology, and we are consistently up to date with the most effective methods of waterproofing Singaporean properties.

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