Roof Waterproofing Singapore
Roof Waterproofing Singapore

Roof Waterproofing In Singapore Is More Common Than You Think

You already know that the only way to stop water leakages from your roof is to do roof waterproofing (and very quickly).

That’s pretty clear.

But what causes that leakage?

And how do you stop your ceiling paint from peeling, turning mouldy or yellowish completely?

Well, that’s exactly what a waterproofing company can provide the right roof waterproofing solutions and stop the leakage entirely.

Look Out For Leak Symptoms Before You Call a Roof Waterproofing Company

Living in Singapore does come with its own set of challenges. Since there are only 2 seasons, you either have to deal with intense heat or lots of rain. If you start to see stainsmould, paint peeling or water droplets (form like an ice-cream cone) at the your home or office ceiling, there is a high chance that there is water accumulation at the roof area.





Mould – So what?

Mould can be very problematic and it can even lead to health problems. If your roofs are of a very low quality, water will permeate easier and leaks will accelerate into your home or office.

How Is It Possible That My Roof Needs Another Waterproofing?

Water puddle tends to form and does not drain completely due to rain or air-con compressor leakage, especially if the roof structure is flat or uneven. When the drainage of your concrete roof deck is choked with waste such as leaves or rubbish, the water puddle will be built up and form into a mini ‘pond’.

Puddle Forms


Why does this matter?

Over time, the water will permeate through the concrete roof slowly even when there is a layer of membrane applied previously or high quality concrete used. Roof leakage tends to accelerate when roof structure is old and membrane wears off. With regular waterproofing treatment for roof, the main cause of leakage can be identified, any potential leaks will be addressed and eliminate thereafter.

Reduce Your Risk With Proper Roof Waterproofing Methods

offers a wide range of professional waterproofing services including waterproofing for floors, walls, roofs, basements and showers for both residential (HDB, property estate, condo) and industrial properties. Our experience contractor will access the leakage and apply the right waterproofing methods accordingly.

Contact us and let the team serve your roof waterproofing needs today. We are the leading waterproofing company Singapore and we work hard for your business.

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