Tile Waterproofing Singapore

Tile Waterproofing Singapore

Tile waterproofing is essential even for good quality tiles used in Singapore.

Are you aware that tiles are not waterproof? In fact, tiles are very porous, and are prone to trapped moisture. Trapped moisture leads to mold, uneven coloring, cracking of tiles and other severe problems. For instance, the leakages affect your neighbors staying below you.

You can reduce these problems. Either by waterproofing new installed tiles, or to protect existing tiles. Most tiled properties do have an existing membrane applied. On the other hand, every membrane tends to wear and leads to leakages. Presently, there are three options to do tile waterproofing. First, apply a new membrane underneath the tile. Second, apply a coating over the tile. Finally, you can also do a combination of both.

Tile Waterproofing In Detail

There are different options available to waterproof your tiles. Many customers opt for a sub-floor membrane. It is an expandable layer placed under your tiles. As discussed above, it’s likely that your tiled room already has a membrane underneath it.

Every membranes have the tendency to wear and tear – and this can lead to severe leaks. When leakages happen, you need a waterproofing contractor company immediately. They help to remove existing tiles; apply new membrane and then install new tiles.

In addition, you may choose to opt for a sealer. Most homeowners associate sealers with the putty placed between tiles. You can also use sealant as a paint, and apply it as a covering on the exterior layer of tiles. This creates a temporary, yet very effective waterproofing barrier. This method is best suited to those who don’t have the time or means to apply a new membrane.

Above all, you can also consider an extensive waterproofing systems for its reliability. The system involves using a series of products with each other. This prevents damage from steam or moisture.

Why ?

Most waterproofing tasks need time and ability. Hence, it’s best to leave this job to the professionals. offers a comprehensive choice of waterproofing services to our customers.

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In short, delaying or avoiding this task can lead to complications in the long and short term. You should make sure that you consider waterproofing your tiles a top priority. Contact us immediately for an inspection. Don’t delay it: act fast, and protect your home from unnecessary damage.

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