Wall Waterproofing Singapore

Wall Waterproofing Singapore

Do you need wall waterproofing for your Singapore property? Is the paint from your wall peeling? Are there molds appearing near the wall corner?

It’s not uncommon that you have already experienced ceiling leakage, bathroom leakage and water leakages in your home or office. Most people won’t realize they have a problem until they see those stains forming on the cement surfaces or those ugly molds. Since the water can pass through the tiniest cracks, you won’t notice it on it’s earlier stages. It has been identified that water has the ability to cause deterioration on building materials in many different ways. Corrosion, cyclic drying and wetting, dimensional changes in construction materials are to name a few. Since it is not possible to keep your building away from water, you need to take required measures to reduce the damage caused by it.

The Essential of Wall Waterproofing

Waterproofing the walls will give you the opportunity to preserve the original condition of your home or commercial property. In addition, you will be able to keep the building clean, comfortable, dry and your family protected and safe. Therefore, wall waterproofing is essential for every residential and commercial property. For the wall system to be durable, it should include four basic elements. They are quality materials, proper detailing, good design and good workmanship. The walls should therefore be designed in such a way to prevent moisture penetration. However, the membrane within tends to wear off after a few years, resulting in paint peeling, molds and eventually water leakage.

Why ?

Your home or commercial building deserves the best protection from unwelcome and unexpected situations such as water leakage. Our trained and experienced workers at will go to your house or office upon availability. We will not only advice for any possible leaks you might have as we will take care of the ones you already have.

Enquire About Our Waterproofing Services

Do get in touch with our friendly specialist at immediately for an inspection. Our qualified team will attend to you and address your queries on leakage issues.

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