Waterproofing Contractors Singapore
Waterproofing Contractors Singapore

Good Waterproofing Contractors are a GEM in Singapore

I think you’ll agree with this:

It’s REALLY hard to find the right waterproofing contractors that can solve and empathize the frustration of water leaks you are facing. Look, your interior is ruined.

How can you get around this problem?

Stop patching that affected area. Instead, get a responsible waterproofing specialist that solve all your water leakage problems fast.

And that’s exactly what we are going to show you how to identify one, to solve any and all residential and commercial leakage problems.

You can have a peace of mind.

How to Identify a Good Waterproofing Contractor Company

When looking for a good waterproofing contractor company, be sure that you are hiring a responsible one with experience and well repute. This ensures that they are able to handle the waterproofing work with care and do all the work within the estimated time frame.

No review from friends?

Be sure to ask these companies for client references. Because this will give you an even better idea of their quality of work.

Is it OK to ask them for a FREE visit?

One of the best qualities of a good waterproofing specialist is their willingness to visit you on the very first call. Instead of giving you a quote on the phone, they will visit you and study the problem firsthand. Once they have done examining the issue, then they will tell you the appropriate price which will be charged to fix the problem. Try to avoid the ones who start asking for money even before they have seen the problem.

What else?

Nothing can beat experience. A specialist who has worked for some time will understand the cause of the problem. They will have the knowledge of the various waterproofing systems like PU injection and the materials. An ability that comes with experience is the skill.

Why does this matter?

Having worked for so many years, the skillful specialist will be able to perform efficiently and effectively. They will be able to identify the water leakage and seepage problem quicker and correct the threat both economically and quickly. This helps in reducing the economic burden on the customer.

Does Waterproofing Come with Warranty?

Pro Tip: Keep in mind to ask the waterproofing contractor about the warranty they are offering. Until the leaking and seeping problem has not been solved, a good waterproofing specialist will offer you warranty till the task is complete.
(Please note that the warranty should be at least 12 months for tasks such as: Toilet waterproofing, water seepage and leakage from the wall, and R.C Ceiling waterproofing.)

That’s not all….

Once all the work is complete, a 24 hours water ponding test is done to give you an assurance that the problem has been solved.

Specialist in Waterproofing for Home and Commercial

Our unmatched experience of working in the waterproofing industry is more than 20 years. With the most comprehensive waterproofing solutions and a wealth of experience, we believe in providing quality services to our customers every single day.

Today, there are hundreds of homes in Singapore with basement, epoxy flooring, foundation, ceiling and toilet waterproofing done in an exceptional way. They are dry because of our quality work.
If you are having a water leakage issue right now in your home or office, don’t hesitate to give us a call. With our commitment and dedication, we make sure to understand your problems and come up with the best solution.

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Responsible and Reliable Contractor

They have been a long term contractor for our company in waterproofing and other building works.

They have proved to be a responsible and reliable contractor for the works that have been awarded to them.

Hock En ... Director

Competent to complete the projects

We would like to commend on their waterproofing works. We have engaged them for mainland and offshore island projects and they have shown to be competent to complete the projects with good results.

Mr.Chew ... Manager

Good Quality Works On Time

They have been engaged by us for waterproofing and other works. They have proven to be able to produce good quality works on time that were contracted to them.

Swee Leong ... Project Manager