Waterproofing Membrane Singapore

Waterproofing Membrane Singapore

Waterproofing membrane are renowned for their efficacy when it comes to waterproof a property in Singapore. Membranes are typically used underneath stone or tiles. Moreover, membranes consist of an adhesive treatment that will trap moisture before it permeates to the surface.

Major Types of Waterproofing Membrane

There are, however, many different types of membranes—meaning that these adhesive qualities may vary. The type of membrane used during maintenance is usually ascertained by a surveyor on site.

Cement based membranes are less flexible once dried and less adhesive when applied. They are an excellent choice of membrane to use during new construction of a building. For instance, you apply cement membranes during the building or renovation of a tiled bathroom. They are much more effective than other treatments that are applied externally. Because cement membrane prevent moisture from reaching the surface to begin with.

Bituminous membranes, in contrast, are a form of black and extremely sticky membrane fluid made from a combination of coal and cement. Their high adhesiveness makes them less suitable for everyday rooms, and best used on roofs or areas out of reach.

– Liquid membranes, on the other hand, can be injected into cracks to halt leakages.

Depending on the quality of a membrane, it can continue to protect a property for many years. Lower quality membranes, however, will begin cracking and disintegrating after 2 years or so.

Why ?

As experienced waterproofing professionals, we assess your existing damage and structure first. Thereafter, we will provide the appropriate membrane solution at reasonable prices, to resolve your property leakage issue.

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